About Anume

ANUME remote digital monitoring solution integrates a set of aggregated sensors into the bed and wearable devices. The sensors provide 24/7 data, analyzed by algorithms (utilizing machine learning) to detect patient health issues before becoming severe.

The information from vital signs sensors is integrated and delivered to a central control room. It helps to evaluate the acute conditions of several hundred patients at one time and from one place.

Any location

Sensors can be deployed anywhere and securely connected through LTE or LAN.

On-premise or cloud

Our solution can be connected to the cloud or on-premise installation, always protecting data.

Automated operation

A monitored person does not need to operate any equipment or software.

Plug & Play

The IoT part is easily connected to power and data connection without a need for complex installation.

Centralized updates

Data sets and software are continuously updated to all users, enhancing future use cases.

Easy integration

Our solution can be integrated into the infrastructure of telehealth providers, nursing homes, or hospitals.